Monday, May 4, 2009

got a lot done yesterday... tick, tick, tick...

Yesterday was pretty productive, for a Sunday.   TLMS and I were able to check a few things off the list.   I picked up the certificate of completion from the church (whew!  we gradiyated!), we sat with the DJ for about 45 mins and discussed a lot about the music... ugh @ driving to Homestead and back... TLMS was muy happy for having found the perfect canvas bags at Old Navy to fill with stuff for the bridesmaids and guests.... we got the sheets to create little "Bradley and Sarah trivia cards" that we can scatter around the tables with the US history cards.   I also wrote up some of the little facts we can populate those cards with.  Having selected the songs, I even got a mini-dance lessons from Sarah (I think I only stepped on her toes mebbe 2 or 3 times).

Also got the last hotel booked for the big trip.  Found a lovely hotel in Munich with a panorama view in the top floor.  Now if only I could find out why even the bigger rooms have double beds instead of kings.   Doh!

Hope to get a bit more training betwixt now and el dia grande.

Chilling on South Beach now, killing time in a pizza joint and waiting for my mom to land so I can go get her at el aeropuerto.  Speaking of airports... this time, in two weeks, we'll be on a plane on the way across the Atlantic :)