Sunday, April 9, 2017

Better living through multiple choice

In honor of Megatron's birthday, because I haven't told the story in a while, and to see who's paying attention… Can you guess which of the three is the real reason why we call her that?

A) you have to be really careful with kids identities online these days. The codename is a way we can share stories without anybody who doesn't really know her being able to come take her from a school or playground. It's not as if you can sign out Megatron from a daycare.

B) most of the time she is pretty awesome, but when she transforms she is a total source of destruction... So we nicknamed her after the biggest baddest bad guy on the transformers. 

C) it was actually just a stupid joke that kind of stuck. We honestly had no idea what to call her until literally the day she was born, and I had been joking for years that our child would be Megatron Hezekiah Gerber because I'm an unreformed 80s nostalgia bug and TheMrs does a lot with the church so the middle name should be something archaic.