Sunday, July 20, 2008

words means things

Subtle bias is hard to pick up on. Often times the person speaking won't even realize everything his words convey.

I was listening to NPR news yesterday (yeah, I know)... they were discussing Obama's trip to the middle east and afghanistan, and said among other things "He has to battle the perception among some voters that he doesn't have the foreign policy experience John McCain has."


He has to overcome the FACT that John McCain HAS more foreign policy experience. Regardless of your political persuasion... you can argue whose positions you prefer, you can argue whose voting record you more care for... but any objective measure would say that McCain clearly has more foreign policy experience.

It would be like saying "McCain has to battle the perception among some voters that he's older then Obama." Well no that's not a perception. It's an indisputable fact.

But if you and your circle of friends all pretty universally carry a torch for a guy, you can't help but look at stories and say "Gee, what is it that some yokels have so wrong in their head that they can't clearly see how dreamy this guy is?"

BTW I can't think of anyone who's gotten more Time magazine covers and never been president. Can you?

Monday, July 14, 2008

yay! high gas prices

In all this talk about high gas prices, no one's talked about what I've found to be one of the clear benefits of higher gas prices.

At least around here, it always seemed that whenever I'd go to a gas station someone would come up looking like crap (or alternately occasionally looking better than I did) and freaking asking me for a handout. Sometimes it was mildly annoying (got any change? No, man, and the guy would stumble off... the worse was "hey, my brother's over in that hotel a block away and I'm trying to raise money to get a bus to Sarasota because I've got a job there and..." dammit dammit dammit shut up and go away.

Now I guess they all realize that everyone at the gas station now is pretty much pissed off and broke and no longer has any disposable income.

So now they all hang out by the overpass a mile from my place. Rah.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

a little color (well, red and blue anyway)

Haven't figured out yet (aka too lazy to look into) putting this as a separate section, so for now I'm putting it in as a post...

alt="Go to" width="150" height="211" />

Election Projection's a very good site that incorporates the latest polls on the only thing that ultimately matters --- how the electoral college looks like it'll break. They say this map should update at least every day so keep an eye on it :)