Saturday, May 31, 2008

random thought draught

It occurs to me the reason why I don't have more blog posts is that if I think of something moderately amusing, I am more likely to turn it into a facebook status update or something like that. Hey, at least there I know someone's reading it, unlike here. Hello? Anybody out there?

Bowden event went really well today. That is to say, people seemed largely very pleased and the event looked really top-shelf. Events like this are really kind of an odd experience, especially if you're doing media corralling like I do. It ends up being rush rush, wait, wait some more, wait, RUSH, RUSH stuff your face RUSH.. then try to get over the adrenaline high when it all pretty much stops around you. I do have to say I'm a bit disappointed in Coach Fisher's speaking skills. I'm hopeful that as he does more of these sorts of events he'll fine-tune his speaking ability and storytelling. Though you'd think someone who's "powerful suth'n" would know how to spin a yarn...

Lots of really nice time with TLMS these days. Haven't screwed it up yet!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

best job switch ever?

I just thought this was funny and had to share...

For work, I get e-mails with reporters and editors changing jobs, including this nugget... "May 19, 2008: Dan Smith has been named senior vice president, marketing, digital media at Playboy Enterprises. He had been senior vice president, marketing at Encyclopedia Britannica. (release)"

I'm guessing even in basically the same role, he will find the job somehow different. Just a hunch.

Monday, May 12, 2008

hey mon! It's the 90s!

In Living Color was an underappreciated show for its time... damn clever in its writing and with some really talented comedians in the troupe. Here's a typical great one from the show, "Hey Mon, with the Headleys". If you ever watched the show, you'll remember this bit because there was about a half-dozen of them --- a Caribbean family that each has a dozen jobs.

Can't really get upset with a stereotype if it's basically a positive one. I don't think there were a lot of People for the Advancement of Jamaican-Americans protesting outside the studios saying "Don't you dare call us hard-working families!"

Quite a few funny bits in this clip, but for some reason the one that gets me is referring to a pregnant woman in labor as a "lazy rabbit killer."

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What the Jackson 5 teaches us about ourselves

Was listening to the radio in the office the other day and the Jackson 5 song, "The Love You Save" came on.

Started thinking of the lyrics... it's my understanding that "stop, the love you save might be your own" is a take on the public service announcement popular from before then (and hence before me) that said something like "don't drink and drive, the life you save may be your own."

Which got me to thinking... have we really reached a point where the message has to be made SO in our self-interests that it's not enough to say "Hey you might hurt or kill SOMEBODY"? The message has to be "hey, this is important because the person you could kill might be YOURSELF, then how would you feel, huh? Not very good. It's not just that you could save someone's life but hey you yourself might get hurt in the meantime!"

Besides, in the sagelike words of Michael's buddy, Brooke Shields when discussing how smoking kills, "If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life."

Saturday, May 3, 2008

RIP Orange Bowl, 1937-2008

Should have done it last week because more was still up, but anyway thought you might like to see these... Here are some shots I just took of what's left of the Miami Orange Bowl. Interesting that about the only thing left standing is the famous "lite brite" scoreboard that used to be the recognizable open east end zone looking out to downtown.

Super Bowls, national championships, Dolphins perfect season, some monster Canes teams... just a few leftover sections that are set to be demolished, and soon it'll be another big empty field.

And supposedly someday the future home of the Marlins. Don't hold your breath though. Not that I'd ever recommending holding your breath for 5 years or whatever it is.