Friday, April 24, 2015

An open letter to Koala Baby Changing Tables

To the company responsible for Koala brand Baby Changing Tables,

Your product appears to be defective.

I placed Megatron on it, left her there for a minute, picked her up... still the same baby.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Megatron week one

It's now been one week since "Megatron" joined us. I want to get some thoughts out for posterity, and hopefully some things more interesting than just "She's cute, we're tired."

- We're SO appreciative of the time, insights, and support provided by my sistah, the doctah. She made a beeline over here when the contractions started heavy and stayed right by our side... basically sleeping in a chair for a night, meeting us at the hospital, talking with all the doctors and nurses and answering every possible question.

She even saved us from an underinformed pharamacist, whose misinformation would have made TheMrs's recovery much more challenging. She was also there when we had to make a tough decision on just how the kiddo would join us, and through all the best and the worst of the first stages. :) Our moms have been great as well... the only way TheMrs has been able to get some extra catnaps whilst the kiddo is well taken care of.

- We didn't expect her to be over 10 pounds. Or to be 22 inches long. Or to be born with a full head of hair! I'm clinging to the notion that a bigger baby has a headstart on the stages of growth. We'll see if that holds up.

- SwaddleMe was a great idea. I'm really glad someone came up with it, and it's come in handy.

- We took a few classes on things like diapering, nursing, how to be a good dad, etc. We've also solicited advice from family, and read a few books. Has it made everything super-smooth and made it easy-peasy? Of course not. But hopefully it has served us a couple of ways... not making some of the dumber mistakes, understanding why things happen, developing a sense of what's "normal" for newborns that hopefully lessens after a little time, and other things in that category. Hopefully it's at least braced us a bit.

- TheMrs is doing really well so far, handling the new reality like a pro and taking good care of "Megatron". I'm trying to help out where I can along the way... little chores here and there, holding the kiddo long enough for breaks/getting things done, etc. It will be especially challenging once I head back to regular work, but for now it's been doable.

Onward and upward!