Monday, August 31, 2009

McDonalds is now Gobbledyfoobidies

Okay, so I normally don't mention specific companies in my blog, because I know that corporations monitor blogs for mentions of their brand (believe me, I know this.   I used to do it!)  

However, I gotta fire this one off... what the crap is Brink's Security thinking, changing their name for home security to Broad View?  You spend 150 years building up brand equity, you have a company name that's ICONIC with your industry.   Brinks trucks might be as readily identified with a given product as you can get without losing control of your brand like a Kleenex or Velcro. 

So why would you throw out a name synonymous with security for your home security systems?  

Broadview home security sounds like one of those companies where you go out and spend $10 and they give you a couple of stickers to slap on the windows that say you're protected :-p

you know why I like this toothpaste? It doesn't burst into flames.

More on an ad that disturbs me... Charlie Sheen recommends underpants to Michael Jordan because they don't creep up on you.   Ummm I don't recall that being a really significant problem, my underwear riding up on me.   Unless it's a really old pair or I've been driving for like a day and a half.

But I guess it's hard to sell stuff like that when your product is largely commoditized.   I mean, how often can you say "Well, see, ours are SOFT."

I do like the tagless ones though, at least that's a "development" that makes sense.

I also like that my soda doesn't commit crimes.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

if yer gonna be stranded....

I wasn't particularly happy about the fact that my car crapped out its battery, or that it took me $425 to get it fixed.  

However, if I was going to be forced to work from home, Monday was a pretty dang good day to be stuck there.   Consider this line-up... two Bond movies (the first one being From Russia With Love, maybe the most underrated of the entire series... then Man with the Golden Gun --- not as good, but has its moments...)

Then, two specials on the history channel on Star Wars... one on how it fits into mythology and archetypes, and the other on the feasibility of the science in the movie.

Then Simpsons.   Oh and there was probably a Scrubs mixed in there. 

Nice to have a day at home where there's something on TV other than just commercials for how I could become a paralegal.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Drinky drinky

Whenever I order a Black & Tan, I find it interesting that the
Guinness floats to the top as it's actually less dense than the Harp.

Whenever I order 5 Black & Tans, I find it interesting that the
English language has so many difficult sounds ;-)

Monday, August 3, 2009

well you'd use it more than quixotic.

I was thrilled a while back to hear the word "Meh." had to be officially added to the dictionary.

I'm officially starting here the lobbying for the next new word for consideration to be "craptastic."  

Because really what word in the English language serves this purpose?   Something that's so thoroughly and completely devoid of quality, it almost laps itself and is good at how bad it is.

It's kind of a shame that there are so many examples of things being craptastic.   But then as long as they keep making films from video games, there will always be a need for this adjective.

Join the cause!