Thursday, August 12, 2010

cheat and win or cheat and suck?

What's more disappointing --- when your team succeeds and it comes out later they were in violations of the rules --- or if they're mediocre and get busted?

You might say it's worse to have more taken away from you... the likes of USC, who has to forfeit their wins and championships and Heismans and whatnot.  

But I dunno, I think a USC fan might hide behind "oh c'mon EVERYBODY's doing it, and we still got to experience being on top --- saying 5 years later "oh that didn't count" is kinda irrelevant and moot."

Whereas a school like North Carolina might look at themselves and say "Crap, we were cheating and STILL couldn't win?  That's pretty depressing."

Or, more to the point, a USC fan would say "Shaw, like, whatever man!", and a UNC fan would say "Daggum, our team's like the northern end of a southbound mule."