Friday, October 9, 2015

In which I meet 2014 Bradley

2015 me: Hey, apparently I've come back in time exactly one year to chat with you/me briefly.

2014 me: That's amazing. What's that little device you're holding, is that what brought you here?

2015 me: yeah. It's a plot device.

2014: that's a really thin plot device.

2015: yeah, flimsy too.

2014: you look really tired.

2015: we don't get much sleep anymore. The nights are just filled with waking up at all hours, the crying, the constant whining and always needing to be in the bed with us...

2014: Megatron is really that bad, huh?

2015: what? Oh, no she's golden. It's the cat. He's still a pain.

2014: oh... Umm... Good? Hey, which stocks should I buy, 2015 me?

2015: Dude, you know we don't pay attention to stuff like that.

2014: cool. Well... Go Dolphins, right?

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