Wednesday, November 28, 2007

how exactly do you raise awareness on something everybody already knew?

More kudos to Al Gore for raising awareness on the delicate nature of the environment, his revelation from the last year that got him a Nobel Peace (PEACE?) Prize and an Oscar and an island in the South Pacific and a free date with Carrie Underwood...

So nice of him to draw attention to this issue that has never been raised before.

Except, ya know, his own book Earth in the Balance 15 years ago before his two terms as Vice President of the United States, Time Magazine naming Earth as the endangered planet man of the year 20 years ago, 35+ years of Boo Production Yay Earth Day hippie festivals...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I can make it there... but why would I want to?

Was asked the other day with incredulity (incredulity is a 10 cent woid) why I don't move to New York City and take an offer there.

Offhand, ummm... one good reason is that this is the view from my apartment building.

Another is that it's 74 degrees out with a 13 mph wind right now.

Being 28 and having to have someone explain to you what the phrase "Wintry Mix" means isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Helps that it's 10 minutes to the office, and I'm NOT paying unreal rent for my place that would be "big" by any NYC standards.