Thursday, December 20, 2007

in other news

So, I heard that Michigan finally got their new football head coach, and it's someone they think will really help with experience luring high school athletes. Yeah, apparently they're giving the job to Jamie-Lynn Spears.

Or maybe I shouldn't try reading the news from USA Today over a guy's shoulder in the airport.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Travelin' Uncle Matt goes to...

back to the scene of the crime. I'm going to DC for business... actually a client is flying me up and putting me in a hotel pretty much just to take me to lunch. I'm so sexy.

PS since I never concluded that other story --- let's just say that when you have the time you got a cab, the location you got it, the address it dropped you off at, the cab number and the driver's license #, lost possessions sometimes have a tendency to "appear at lost and found". No thanks to the freaking DC po-po, or the cab company, or the cab authority...

Meanwhile I'm STILL getting headaches from the fact that I reported the checks stolen and then told the bank I got them back. Ugh.

Anyway, this trip should be nice. Up and back, I return tomorrow night. And then a Christmas party Friday and a Christmas party Saturday (one of THREE we were invited to... not only am I sexy and 29 I'm a social freaking butterfly 8-))

Can't actually blame TLMS for the fact I haven't been posting much... blame the mystery neighbor who is no longer donating wireless service to me. Fascists!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Got caught at a Christmas party on what some might see as a small yet critical detail... for reasons I still can't particularly articulate, though if nothing else at least now I have a new story for people who are bored of "Alabama Girl".

Very nice event, at a lovely home on the water, hosted by family friends from back before my days anyway... and I somehow introduced TLMS as "My wif.... errr girlfriend, Sarah".

I can't think of anything better then that's how I've heard people presented at parties over the years... though that doesn't even make sense to me and I said it!

Helpful advice from Carrie, as per usual... the guidance to "don't screw this up." Always a good idea.

Happy 29th birthday Katie Holmes!

Monday, December 10, 2007

In retrospect, maybe "1-800-HEY-BUSH" wasn't the best super-secret phone number...

Seems a 16 year old kid in Iceland (may have) called the private unlisted number of the White House to invite W. to come over and play reindeer games.

Hell, if Ellen can get him, I don't see why Gunther the dialin' Iceberg can't.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Rudy Thing

Among my friends and also in the conservative media, I've heard a lot of people try to make the case for Rudy Giuliani, esp. when it comes to his credentials as a "true conservative".

It seems the conversation generally goes something like this.

"Well, sure he's got a record and tradition of being pro-choice, but he'll change when he's president instead of mayor!"

"Well, sure he has a different position on homosexuality from a lot of the party, but that won't come up when he's president."

"Well, sure he's not strong on gun control, but he's said he'll be different as president."

Well, why should we vote for him, then?"

"Why, because of everything he's done as mayor, of course!"


There's the whole "he can beat Hillary" thing... and despite the media's desperate desire for a horse race in the lefty scuffle I still say I wouldn't bet against her with money I'd found. And Rudy vs. Hillary doesn't poll considerably better than the other leading candidates on the right against her.

Now, if you want to get into a really nuanced argument, and start looking at states like New Jersey as being possible swings, okay. But I'm not even convinced that those that might vote for Rudy as the GOP candidate outnumber those who would be less than enthused by him being the head of the ticket and stay home.