Saturday, February 10, 2007

Travelin' Man goes to...

Life's journeys have taken me to Tallahassee. Back to my old stompin' ground.

I'm here ostensibly for an alumni association conference, but also I have some ulterior motives. Other reasons include in no particular order a Seminole baseball game this weekend, staying in touch with my old boss, and seeing my best friend and her two adorable little girls again.

Worst kept secret is that I'd be lying if I said I don't have designs on my life leading me back here someday. The town's changed a lot since I was here in 2000... but a lot of the charm is still undeniable. I love the lush greenery. I love that every block has cars with FSU tags and stickers, a "Renegade Barber Shop" or "Osceola Hardware", and students that just look genuinely happy to be alive. And of course college football is bar none my favorite sports experience.

It's admittedly not a great place to be 25. Being a smaller town (about 150,000 soakin' wet), there's not a lot of professional opportunities. But when you start having thoughts of a family, or when you want reasonably priced real estate... or when you're far enough removed from student age that your social circles are "grown ups" instead of kiddos, well... rolling hills call!

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