Friday, June 29, 2007

Travelin' Matt goes to...

Traveling Uncle Matt is back in Joisey.

After Thursday (and an unexpected Friday morning) of working, I'm out at my dear sweet brudder's place outside of Trenton. Very nice house, and even if all I get out of the weekend is tonight it's been a nice mini-vacation.

My brother works in the City, and I met him after he was done with work. We took a train out to Jersey, and had a very nice dinner, followed by commemorative "missing man ceremony" of cigars out on the patio, accompanied by a couple of glasses of really potent single malt scotch.

Hey, I don't recall anybody ever saying "Don't drink and blog" ;-)

There's someone out there I miss nearly all the time we're apart. Still, it's nice just to miss someone, so long as they're in your life. She was supposed to come along, but it didn't work out logistically. Might have been just as well, because I wouldn't have been much fun in Nueva York Ciudad, working most of the time I was there.

Nice surprise is that I'm flying back first class from Newark to Miami. Not paying extra or anything, but it'll be good to have a little more room and perhaps an extra beverage or two.

Last thing --- I had lunch at Carnegie Deli... a corned beef hash that could have fed at least four comfortably. Good stuff!

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