Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ramblings from the S.S. Tempurpedic

Geez, I really hope this blog isn't deteriorating into a running update on my internet status... I can't think of much more boring... I swear I'm going to get to something interesting towards the end, I just have to mentally sort of work up to it...anyway I finally had to give in today and get set up with cable internet access in my apartment. Not going to stay what company it is, because I know (onaccounta it's kinda what I do for a living) that companies sweep blogs looking for mentions of their name. Let's just say the greedy bastards rhyme with Schmomcast! ;-)

One of the things that was stopping me was the regular cost, about $60 a month. I signed a promotional rate of $26 or so that lasts for six months... so I guess this entry is also a reminder to myself to cancel 6 months from this date!

I had to go and visit the Arepa Fairy today. I went over to the South Beach Art Deco Festival... I could say it was to just generally look around and see if I wanted to pick up anything for future decorating needs, or to enjoy a nice day out in Miami, but honestly I just go for the fair food. Hey, walking 10 blocks and back burns off a fried arepa, right? Oh umm and a chocolate dipped banana on a stick. There is one exhibit I like seeing, old ads from magazines and postcards and such, old Coke ads and baseball players hawking cigarettes and whatnot. I didn't see anything worth getting there. I did buy a little elephant made from a Coke can, cute lil' fella.

Then there's the subject I've been kind of avoiding... partially because I'm still not really sure how I want to discuss this... we lost a friend this week. In a way that might be best described as being... confusing. I don't suppose someone passing is necessarily always SUPPOSED to "answer any questions", but this is different. When my dad passed a couple of years back, there was time to prepare. Of the few people who actually read these things, nearly everyone will already know what I'm talking about. Otherwise, maybe you can piece it together by my ramblings. Some of us guys got together last night to try to go through it all a bit, and also just to get out. The way guys do --- which is to say with more than a little libations.

Well then. So this blog does get into things besides where I'm connecting from, or wondering aloud where one goes to buy Franken Berry cereal these days, or why Foreigner songs sound like they were written by an 8 year old.

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