Saturday, May 31, 2008

random thought draught

It occurs to me the reason why I don't have more blog posts is that if I think of something moderately amusing, I am more likely to turn it into a facebook status update or something like that. Hey, at least there I know someone's reading it, unlike here. Hello? Anybody out there?

Bowden event went really well today. That is to say, people seemed largely very pleased and the event looked really top-shelf. Events like this are really kind of an odd experience, especially if you're doing media corralling like I do. It ends up being rush rush, wait, wait some more, wait, RUSH, RUSH stuff your face RUSH.. then try to get over the adrenaline high when it all pretty much stops around you. I do have to say I'm a bit disappointed in Coach Fisher's speaking skills. I'm hopeful that as he does more of these sorts of events he'll fine-tune his speaking ability and storytelling. Though you'd think someone who's "powerful suth'n" would know how to spin a yarn...

Lots of really nice time with TLMS these days. Haven't screwed it up yet!

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