Monday, July 14, 2008

yay! high gas prices

In all this talk about high gas prices, no one's talked about what I've found to be one of the clear benefits of higher gas prices.

At least around here, it always seemed that whenever I'd go to a gas station someone would come up looking like crap (or alternately occasionally looking better than I did) and freaking asking me for a handout. Sometimes it was mildly annoying (got any change? No, man, and the guy would stumble off... the worse was "hey, my brother's over in that hotel a block away and I'm trying to raise money to get a bus to Sarasota because I've got a job there and..." dammit dammit dammit shut up and go away.

Now I guess they all realize that everyone at the gas station now is pretty much pissed off and broke and no longer has any disposable income.

So now they all hang out by the overpass a mile from my place. Rah.

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