Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hi from the Wheel in the Sky

Field agent Bradley reporting from the Holiday Inn Select in Downtown Tallahassee... which is known to students as "the circle one".

A day to take it easy and vacay a bit. The main purpose for coming up was the FSU - Va Tech game (we won, woohoo! Hokies suck!) Ulterior motives included seeing my amiga, and trying to desperately cling to the happy carefree days of 9 yrs ago. Tomorrow will be visiting some of the local press and even the governor's press secretary, and going to the Bowden lunch with my old boss. I'd really like to get the University to be one of our clients, provided we could do it right.

Flying out of JAX tomorrow. Of course as is my nature and I've even mentioned a couple of times here, I'm already a bit jittery over getting into the airport in time for the flight at 7 PM! Well, it's that damned variable, getting from here to JAX in time to return the rental and get on the flight.

Which leaves today... brunch at Andrew's, bumming around campus (how many times can ya take the big nostalgic walk around), and driving Josh back to the airport. Was hoping that this game would be the big reunion of my peeps, but it seems the next opportunity for everyone to get together will be the BIG DAY (eek).

Last note. Further sign of addiction (twitch)... I brought my laptop but neglected to bring my mouse attachment (crappy company won't replace my crappy broken laptop). So even though I have to TAB through to get to anything on any page, here I am still online, on vacation. Dork!

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