Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the glasses thing

Weird story with the glasses, thought I'd share (though my most regular readers I think have already heard by now). These things seem to only happen to me, but I guess it's not actually ALL that rare.

So, about a month ago I lost my glasses. Things had been in a lot of turmoil (still settling in from the move, house is all torn up, whatever... bottom line is I looked for a while but they didn't seem to want to turn up. For all I know they could be in my car. But I could have a pregnant wombat in my car and I probably wouldn't know apart from a slight change in the smell.

Anyway, at the merry discount price of about $125 I had to finally give in and buy a new pair of glasses. Even at the super "hey let's advertise our swell discounts, bargainbargainbargain!!!" stores, they still wallet-rape me, because I have the audacity to have one eye stronger than the other.

So, anyway, I had a new pair for the course of a WEEK... and somehow lost those too. It was pretty frustrating because with the house being in the state it is (what with there being basically NOTHING on the first floor), there honestly weren't that many places they could be.

I finally figured it out... I had taken them off when checking my mom's oil. I got distracted when I was doing it because her car was apparently built as, like, a Special Olympics fundraiser or something because the dipstick goes at a complete right angle. Well anyway apparently what I did was I put the glasses under the hood along the side of the engine, didn't realize I left them there, slammed the hood and walked away.

Of course, between the time I did this and realizing where I'd likely left them, Mom had since driven the car a couple of times. I figured what would most likely happen was I'd go out and find them absolutely shattered... MAYBE I'd be able to save the frames and just get new lenses.

Popped the hood, went out... 100$ fine. not even dirty. Whew! Lucky.

And hey I can see now too, so I've got that going for me.

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