Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I won!

So, today is, ummm, the 2nd week of the rest of my life.

Who would have guessed it, I'm for the first time Mister... okay well actually that part doesn't change, but TLMS is now also Mrs. Spartan :)

I think I'm officially out of excuses. It's been two weeks since the wedding and one week since we got back from the honeymoon. She says I have to get some stuff won into the blog before I forget it, and she's got a good sense about these sorts of things.

So, hmmm... I was trying to remember random thoughts to jot down when going through the weekend. Here they are in something vaguely resembling chronological order.

* Having all the guys back together again is a good thing. Having all the guys in town together was neat. Having all the guys in my car at the same time with their luggage was more than a little funny. We piled outta that thing like a frigging clown car. Josh sitting on Torsky's lap --- I wish I'd gotten some pictures.

* I knew somehow I was going to get stuck with a few extra Marlins tickets and shelling out more than $100 of my own money. I really tried to get around it. But I don't really know what else I can do when people tell me on Wednesday night they're bringing someone to the game, and Friday neither of them come, well... guess who gets left holding the debt. Least I got a shirt and a hat out of the deal ;-)

* After the game... ummm... the poetry reading sure was interesting.

* The rehearsal reminded me of Usual Suspects. A line of guys chuckling and barely following orders :)

*Somehow though I had months of warning, there was still stuff I had to do ON the way to the rehearsal to be prepared. As it turns out, the rehearsal really helped because it gave me pretty specific directions to focus on during El Dia Grande, and answered pretty much any of my questions.

* The rehearsal dinner was nice, and I think everyone there enjoyed it... despite the restaurant not putting us in the room we'd booked for. However, the free round of champagne for the entire party certainly helped dull the pain. The groomsmen table might argue that the dozen or 15 bottles of wine helped dull some pain a bit too.

* I'm not entirely sure why I was disconnecting so much that day. I think it's a combination of the lingering effects of the... errr..."food poisoning". I think it was also a bit of nerves.

* I'd been told by a couple of the bridesmaids how amazing the dress was going to look, how beautiful Sarah was going to be, etc. Of course, my natural guy reaction was "okay, I'd better figure out how to act like it's a big deal." When I saw her in the back of the church, I could only think (and believe I said) "Wow."

That's all you get for now... more on the trip next time. I only wanna say I consider myself a lucky and contented fella. If you're reading this and were part of the big day, I'd appreciate it if you could share a thought or two :)

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My Crazy Life said...

A line of guys...and one girl :) Yes it would seem that we were having a hard time following orders, but it wouldn't have been us if we did. It was hard not to laugh with the running commentary Josh was subjecting me too and of course Torsky and his very off comment.

Did we really drink that much wine? I swear it wasn't me. I think that honor has to go to John Wilson and Alycia :) The rehearasl dinner was an absolute blast and I'm hoping that we can all get together like that again soon.