Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Democrats as Frat Boys.

You've all seen "that guy" at the party.   The guy who thinks every conversation around him probably is about sex.   He'll see two women chatting casually and come up and ask if they're discussing something vulgar.  He'll see a guy and girl talking and he'll ask "Has he told you yet what he wants to do with you"?  Etc.   This character is pretty well lampooned on the show Scrubs in the surgeon character "The Todd".

The thing is, any discerning person knows that if someone walks around saying "Hey, I think they're talking about sex.   Why does everyone always have sex on their mind?   Why is every conversation about sex?"   It's not the community around the guy that is obsessed, it's just him.

So, I think of the Democrats this past month or so who see racism everywhere they look.   Maureen Dowd's shameful article in the NY Times that said when Joe Wilson blurted out "You Lie" during an Obama address, "All she could hear" was him saying "You lie, boy"... which she followed with some gross generalizations about the South and about whites.

Suggesting other options on healthcare should be considered rather than the Democrat plan?   Sounds like racism!   Agree with Obama when he said that the Nobel Peace Prize couldn't really have been a recognition for any work he'd done?   Hey you must be thinking racist thoughts!   Tea party?   You're probably thinking about the President's skin color!

My question --- if someone looks around and sees racism as secretly under every conversation.... it's a cliche but a bit of wisdom --- remember that when you point your finger at someone, you're pointing four fingers back at yourself.

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