Sunday, January 15, 2012

Civ Rev Redux

Thought of a couple more tips I'd neglected in my last post regarding Civilization Revolution tips... probably brought to mind again when I played 3 more times in the last day or so...

The advantage of having a democracy is that you get a big boost in science and gold production.  The disadvantage is that the Congress won't let you break peace treaties or otherwise declare war unless attacked.  There's an easy enough way around this so you get to get the benefits and circumvent the negative.  Call for a change of government, launch your invasion during the brief anarchy, and then the next turn when it asks what kind of gov't you want, put in a democracy again.  The congress will let you finish whatever war is underway when they come in.  The penalty for having anarchy for 1 turn is pretty negligible, if anything in this game.

As you start getting towards the tailend of a longer game, you will have discovered all the scientific advances you'll ever need.  In this case, go ahead and switch your gov't over to fundamentalism.  Fundamentalism's + is added strength among your attacking armies, downside is libraries and universities fail to increase your knowledge.  Well, if you've already got planes and tanks and such, you don't really need any more science... and the +1 boost to the invading and defending forces comes in handy!

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