Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cheers from Paradise

The start of what hopes to be a fairly tranquil week here, TLMS and I are camped out at the waterfront vacation home of her aunt an uncle that is "Somewhere OTR", specifically on the unpacked and sparsely populated Lubbers Quarters in the Abacos, northern Bahamas.

You know you've done well for yourself when you can have a vacation home in the Islands... and quite well by things if you can (somewhat) seriously give your property a name and a theme. This Tara's full name is Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and we're happily ensconced in the detached "Nowhere" a little place directly behind the house that is... Bigger than a cabana but smaller than a cottage, I suppose... It's a king bed and a full bathroom. The main house is actually just a (sprawling) 1/1, but the kitchen, living room, office and dining room give the house a proper footprint. It is, of course, the patio that sits calmly about 70 feet above the almost equally calm Atlantic that is truly striking.

This is our third trip here, and at a week will be the longest. It seems an ideal combination for me, as the majority of the agenda consists of reading, relaxing, eating and drinking... and the next biggest percentage consists of bullshitting and solving all the world's problems... However for all its laziness I do still have access to the glory and wonder that is a wifi signal. as such, it's all the rehab and none of those pesky cyber-DTs!

Brad's cough and chills acted up again today, which led to him bowing out of the late morning's strenuous day of wandering a beach in search of interesting remnants. Swapping in some reading and a nap instead of that isn't an entirely bad idea.

If you've come this far, you may want to Google "gone bananas on lubbers" and see if you want to l I've the life...

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