Friday, December 18, 2015

Random thought: I hope people unfriend me today

It's my birthday. And, with any luck, some people will mark the awesomeness by unfriending me on Facebook.

Okay I could just leave that there, but lemme eesplain. I have about 950 friends on Facebook. So that includes "Guy I Must Have Met At Some Political Event A Couple of Years Ago", "Son Of Someone Who Went To My Church But They Moved Away But They Still Kinda Know Me Because They Knew My Wife's Family", "Girl Who Went To My High School But Was A Couple Of Years Behind Me, I Think", etc.

Obviously I don't interact with all these people all the time. So, often Facebook pops up with the helpful reminder that it's Juan Gonzalez's birthday, and it's when I reflect that I never really talk to Juan Gonzalez, I'm not 100% sure who they are, and I'd likely not recognize them if they walked in the room.

So, I unfriend people on their birthday. If it's someone I figure likely won't mind much. So. maybe a few people will see me as "Guy I worked with like four jobs ago" and drop me today. Adios, kinda-sorta amigos!

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