Sunday, December 17, 2006

blank died at blank-o'clock....

I had an interesting chat tonight with the longtime political editor for a local broadcast TV affiliate. We were at a Christmas party tonight, and we'd met a couple of times before as we have mutual friends (my mother used to teach with his wife).

The conversation went something like this. I was the one asking...

"I want to ask you about something, and I'm not even sure you'll answer."
"Oh, okay. Well what's that?"
"Do you guys already have a recorded obituary ready for Fidel Castro that you're just gonna pop in whenever he goes?"
"Yeah, we do. We've got a few on file."
"Who else?"
"Gerald Ford?"

"Bush the elder?"
"Yep. We've got about a dozen in the can... but Castro's is the one that's sitting out on the table and cued up."

The conversation sort of drifted off from there, as we started talking about George W. Bush, aka "Bush 41".

I'd love to know who the dozen are though.

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