Wednesday, December 20, 2006

freakin' new york freakin' city!

I seem to have somehow found myself in New York City.

I always kinda figured that if I was going to be in the corporate world, I wanted to have one of those jobs where I'd get a call saying "Can you get on a plane tomorrow, we really want you here!" And sure enough, here I am!

One of my clients had their quarterly financials update today, and they wanted someone to help with the monitoring. I think it was also just seen as a good chance for me to meet with some people --- both at the client and within my own company --- that I've worked with for years but never met. I got in late last night, and I leave tomorrow.

A good question is why it's 9 pm on a weeknight in NYC and I'm sitting in my hotel room and blogging to an empty world. I did an okay job of it though --- I had a very nice lunch with my brother in an upscale steak place, and after work I walked 5th avenue all the way from 56th to about 40th. I think I'm going to head out soon and get a bite of pizza.

Highlight of the stroll was probably the Christmas display at Saks. They have along the outside wall about 40 snowflakes of lights of various size, and they had a "light show" to the tune of the Carol of the Bells!

Thought I could get a little holiday shopping done, but I didn't see anything particularly inspiring.

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