Saturday, August 25, 2007

zen and the ancient art of Pac-Man

This is a... "mockumentary" from SNL in the early 80s, about "video game junkies". Pretty funny stuff. Not too far of a cry from those days to the home systems and people who are hooked on Madden and Halo and such.

"when you're doing the donk..."

Like all good satire, it works partially cuz it makes ya uncomfortable... laughing about addiction and abuse.

I think about when someone was asking Mel Brooks about why he so often jokes about Nazis and Hitler, which would seem to most people to be an odd subject for an older Jewish person to be making light of. He made the point that if you can laugh AT someone, if you can make fun of that person despite their complete hatred of you and despite whatever their actions are, you are in a true position of power. In a sense, if you can really laugh at your demons, you are most of the way to conquering them.

Hmmm... I didn't expect this post to be so philosophical, I just wanted to share that video clip. But anyway, there it is.

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BigTorsk said...

Dude, I never saw this before. This is really funny. The part with Phyllis working the streets just cracked me up!