Sunday, October 21, 2007

more random thoughts

Couple of things that have bouncing around in my noggin that I find randomly amusing... not enough for whole blogs but just some "how bout that airline food" style observations.

- That segment of Jeopardy when Trebek talks with the contestants about some interesting little vignette from their lives... years now, I don't think I've ever heard anyone actually having ever done anything interesting, ever. I may not know a lot of the works of 18th century French painters, but you can damn well be sure that if I had a mic in my face on national television, my most interesting story would not be "I ate four straight sandwiches once. Yeah, when I was a kid, I was really hungry. They weren't the same kind though, they were different."

- The best part about Vinny Testaverde starting again in the NFL is that it's great to see one more guy in the league who was in Tecmo Super Bowl. I hope he holds that fact in proper admiration.

- Ron Paul fans are strange. This coming from a confessed semi-Libertarian... that's a damned odd bunch. Honestly the whole lot of them should probably be checked or made to pee in a cup or some such thing.

- I hope Edwina never becomes a normal-sounding name.

- They should have a new legal standard that says you can't file suit if you're freaking stupid. If you see a TV commercial where a car skids around snow and ice and slides effortlessly into a parking lot, and your mortal coil is SAVED by a little line across the bottom that says "Professional Driver, do not attempt"... if THAT's what causes you to set the keys back down and not try to tow an elephant up Mount Kilimanjaro, you're honestly probably best not left unsupervised to begin with and will surely find some other way to hurt yourself. Hopefully not too many others have to pay for your ignorance.

- I could sit down right now and spend 3 hours playing the original Legend of Zelda and not think twice about it. I have to wonder if 20 years from now, people will say how re-playable anything on store shelves today would be.

- Lists of mini-rants are "hella-lame".

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