Wednesday, October 17, 2007

pinko anti-smokers

Sort of a random entry... but then hey it is a vanity blog.

Have you been watching TV lately (and by lately I mean in the last decade or so) and seen an anti-smoking commercial come on?

Well no, really, you pretty much haven't. Here's why.

The commercials don't really focus on "cigarette smoking stands a good chance of crapping out your health."

Instead, we get year after year, hour after hour of "Tobacco companies are a bunch of lying bitches! They're really, really evil companies."

What would be the process of berating the public repeatedly to try and convince them that tobacco companies are sinners? Could it be a coincidence that lawsuits against these companies have yielded like bashing a pinata?

Bothered me in some of the elections I worked in, I'd hear "oh we're going to use the tobacco settlement money to build new schools"... "Elect me and the tobacco settlement money will pay so that every stoplight has red, yellow, and a green light that not only flashes but yells FREAKING GOOOOOOOOO!" (actually I rather like that last idea). Gee I thought the tobacco settlement money was supposed to recoup state government accrued HEALTH CARE costs.

Besides, so long as huge taxes are on cigarettes... taxes that pay for all sorts of pet social causes... they don't REEEALLY want you to stop smoking. They just want to have their "bad guy".

Besides, it's all capitalism. I don't recall hearing in all of these Truth Meanie McAssalots! commercials ever suggesting that the companies tied people down and forced them to el puffo against their will.

Try some Chewlies Gum instead.

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