Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I just... I can't even...

Videogame publisher Mastiff on Friday revealed that it is developing an exclusive new WiiWare title called Major League Eating: The Game. The effort will debut with the launch of Nintendo's WiiWare service on May 12, but the company has not yet set a Wii Point value.

According to Mastiff, the project will make extensive use of the Wii remote to "simulate the fast and furious action of a professional eating contest."

A Wii game that is virtual competitive eating.

Damn. I think there was a mistranslation, and this might be one of the 7 signs.
I think back to those news stories about people throwing the Wiimote through the TV when it slips loose. How ironic would it be if someone was playing virtual Major League Eating and accientally choked on the controller?

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