Sunday, March 16, 2008

this message brought to you by...

This message is gonna sound like a plant, but anyway it'll be easier to write than "The Shoulder Geography Theory of Relative Queeritude", which I tried to post last night... stay tuned for that one I guess...

Have you seen It's pretty cool. Earlier today I picked from a whole bunch of episodes of Alfred Hitchcock, then I watched some SNL clips. They even have full length movies. Not public domain crap, but Usual Suspects and stuff. Right now I'm watching Firefly. Which sorta defeats the purpose of me ordering it from Netflix, but anyway they get my money at the end of the month regardless. Hulu's free though :)

Just the occasional ad while you're watching. Give it a shot. Or don't, that's fine too.

Drawing to the end-ish of a pretty nice and mostly relaxing weekend. Yesterday I got churched up some with my mom and TLMS. Today was taking it easy, and despite some very minor aggravations (couldn't seem to get an errand run right somehow), all told things are pretty good :)

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