Monday, August 31, 2009

McDonalds is now Gobbledyfoobidies

Okay, so I normally don't mention specific companies in my blog, because I know that corporations monitor blogs for mentions of their brand (believe me, I know this.   I used to do it!)  

However, I gotta fire this one off... what the crap is Brink's Security thinking, changing their name for home security to Broad View?  You spend 150 years building up brand equity, you have a company name that's ICONIC with your industry.   Brinks trucks might be as readily identified with a given product as you can get without losing control of your brand like a Kleenex or Velcro. 

So why would you throw out a name synonymous with security for your home security systems?  

Broadview home security sounds like one of those companies where you go out and spend $10 and they give you a couple of stickers to slap on the windows that say you're protected :-p

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