Thursday, August 27, 2009

if yer gonna be stranded....

I wasn't particularly happy about the fact that my car crapped out its battery, or that it took me $425 to get it fixed.  

However, if I was going to be forced to work from home, Monday was a pretty dang good day to be stuck there.   Consider this line-up... two Bond movies (the first one being From Russia With Love, maybe the most underrated of the entire series... then Man with the Golden Gun --- not as good, but has its moments...)

Then, two specials on the history channel on Star Wars... one on how it fits into mythology and archetypes, and the other on the feasibility of the science in the movie.

Then Simpsons.   Oh and there was probably a Scrubs mixed in there. 

Nice to have a day at home where there's something on TV other than just commercials for how I could become a paralegal.

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