Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The polls are dropping --- has "change" changed?

So, what do we make of Obama's poll numbers falling off?   A callous, cynical population that doesn't appreciate the wonders that Obama so eloquently offers?  Frail seniors scared and confused by the huge unfiltered public persona that is Sarah Palin?

No.   What's happening is that supporting "change" is irrelevant.   You could be completely opposed to someone's plans, and still agree some sort of change needs to be done.   You both think something needs to happen, but when they start going their way, that's when you realize they're not aligned with what you thought.

Let me explain... some examples. 

I'm holding my hand an inch away from your face.   I ask, "Do you want me to MOVE my hand?"   You say yes, so I smack you.   Are you happy with this?  We all agreed we wanted my hand to move.   Polls for changing my hand's position were unanimous.   See if popularity drops when you get smacked in the face.   Obama's administration is certainly doing that.

You go around your office around noon and ask if people would support ordering lunch.  Most people say sure, we can get behind a nice, vague, notion of lunch.   Everyone has their own ideas.   You come back an hour later and hand them all a tuna sandwich on rye with mustard.   "I don't understand, everyone supported lunch!   This is lunch."

The more vague the common denominator is, the safer and unobjectionable it is.

Do you support change?   YES!  
Change we can believe in?   HOORAY!  
Change to the role the federal government plays in how banks and auto companies and American industry operates?   Ummmm.....
Do you support having the people who brought you the DMV, the IRS, the VA, and the post office make the medical care you receive "more efficient"?    Wait, ya'll have a different sense of what needed to be changed then I do.   You weren't thinking what I was when I said okay let's get lunch.

Extreme leftist policies... specific policies.... are contrary to the American spirit, to the immutable laws of economics, and in many cases to the fundamentals of basic logic.  Unilaterally puishing companies that produce and taking money from them because they emit carbon when they produce simply does NOT yield job growth.   Beating the rich like a pinata may win popularity contests but it doesn't stabilize the system or grow the pot.

Some realized this early, some are coming to it now.   The polls are saying we never said we wanted to be smacked in the face.  

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