Thursday, July 29, 2010

Palomilla and politics

It was like one of those big multi-generation family reunion photos... except, ya know, everyone actually wanted to be there.

Taking over half of an otherwise sleepy Los Ranchos in West Miami on a Thursday night was both a testament to the strength of a movement and the roadmap for the successful return of a national party.

The meeting was the investiture of the first board of the Miami-Dade Teenage Republicans (TARs).  As president of the Miami Young Republicans, which serves the 18-40 community, I was honored and pleased to be asked to conduct the swearing in of these energetic and optimistic young men and women.

The well-spoken, eager next generation of party movers & shakers was impressive, and probably the story of the evening.   But perhaps equally important was the show of solidarity and strength... I say this because the executive director of the Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee, the secretary of the Old Cutler Republican Women's Club, and the founder and president of South Florida Conservative & its corresponding initiative all made it a point to attend and show encouragement and support. 

All these leaders of local organizations, myself included, came out with the same purpose --- to both give encouragement to and receive encouragement from this new group.

How will conservative causes return to prominence?  Only through coordinated efforts that start with the people who have Marco Rubio on speed dial, go through the people who are tapped into the community that "never got involved before but cannot sit on the sidelines any longer", and all the way down to the young men and women in groups such as the Miami-Dade TARs who are just beginning to look into how they can support campaigns and initiatives.

Over the past few months I've been happy to get to know Juan D'Arce, candidate for state house 112 and sponsor of the Miami-Dade TARs, Rudy Leal-McCormack, the club's spokesperson, and now Alejandro Moreno, the TARs chairman.  It's easy to say the future is in good hands... but after Thursday night's event I can say I'm optimistic about the present.

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Anonymous said...

You described well not only the event but the feeling. I was also encouraged by these young people embracing the ideals that most of their peers either ignore or oppose.

Let's help TARs grow so that next year we will need the whole restaurant.