Saturday, June 13, 2015

My solemn vow

I hereby pledge not to give Megatron's age out in weird amounts that require extensive mathing.

"Oh she's 21 months!"

"Crap ok... 12 months in a year so that's 9 left over, but we're only seven months into the year so that means really it was November three years ago? Or December? Does this month count as a month?"

I'll stick to reasonable fractions of years or just say when she was born and leave it at that

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Tara said...

PS: those months actually matter for you (see Wonder Weeks) but, yeah, no one else cares. Well, except other moms. I'd see a kiddo do something and wonder when Em would reach that milestone. If a mom said "Oh she's been doing that since 2," I'd wonder "are we talking 24 months or 33 - IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!"

Or maybe that's just a neurotic mom thing...