Sunday, June 28, 2015

Walter Koenig from Star Trek

Very interesting Q&A with Walter Koenig, "Chekov" from Star Trek.

I asked him about the Russian accent --- whether he had to work on it or if he just turned it on.

He said he went out and got a book, and his father was Russian, so he did have to work on it a little.

He said he's always regretted though that he doesn't feel he nailed the "melody", the tonation and singing nature of Russians speaking English.

Not as much of a surprise, he said he enjoyed working with George, Nichelle, James, Leonard.... not much love for William Shatner.

I did think it interesting, when asked about how they all get along since Leonard Nimoy passed. He said it depends... Then he said "I hope to never speak to George [Takei] again."

Wonder what the backstory is there.

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