Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dreamed that I was out somewhere driving but also looking up at a very starry sky... and occasionally between the stars I saw fireworks. Not big local fireworks but tiny bursts of color, like when you see a fireworks display from 40 miles away. I remembered thinking I should probably focus on either driving or the cool effect in the night sky.

Then I "woke up" to a campaign room with a colleague and two other people where we were involved with a simulated campaign. And since I had talked in my sleep about how cool and creative the dream was I had to explain to them what it was.

Then I "woke up" from that one and chuckled because I was in a car with Sarah going across the MacArthur causeway and explaining how real the dream within a dream had seemed, but that is completely invented two people in it and didn't realize we didn't actually have all the backstory and shared experience I felt for them... When someone yanked her and some other people out of the car into the median.

I went after them to rescue her, and eventually she got free but I was still being held prisoner by a quack doctor who made me get his book about his health cure onto shelves at Mount Sinai hospital, and to endorse their making it available.

It was clearly "traveling medicine man" style stuff, it said something about Jack Daniels on the label and may have tasted a bit like Dr Pepper. But some very old and handicapped people were wheeled into my little holding area and showed they took it and could walk around some for a little bit. But somehow I also knew that out there it might be causing people forced to try it to collapse and get violently sick. I didn't take it when they wanted me to try it. Sarah was ok because she came to sit with me in the dungeon freely. And when the earth shook I thought that might be my chance to go see if a way out of my dungeon had opened, and if I got caught I could always just say I was looking to see if there's been any damage.

That's the last part I remember... And this was all in maybe an hour, tops.

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